Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today was the first day in a while warm enough for walk. Leaving Athens campus is slightly like walking into a different world. There are no bars, no people, no buildings. It's beautiful, but sometimes I feel like a city girl whose been adventuring in the country side for just a little too long.


It seems that everyone around me is preparing and studying for the GRE, which I don't have to think about until next year. My Italian partner said that the math portion of the exam was "il diavolo"aka the devil.

It makes me wonder when, or if, people are ever going to stop judging me based on standardized tests or how "well rounded" a person college has made me. To myself I am well rounded despite that fact that basic math still astounds me, and for all the studying in the world I will never pass the math portion of any test. I wonder when people will see what I've done, what I want to accomplish, and what I've done in order to achieve those dreams and just judge me based on that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet Another Monday

The Cat= Monday
The Mouse= me

It's coming to get me

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I never drank coffee until my third year working as a Barista at a Cafe. It was an acquired taste that took me a while to enjoy. Now I must admit coffee has become my simple hiatus during my day. It's something hot and savory that takes no time to make, yet is so good. My coffee breaks are my pause in the chaos and my reflection time. In three years I've become somewhat knowledgeable about coffee, and slowly its becoming what I wake up to every morning.
It's my daily dose of something good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Of Age

This is my last week as an underage. As of next Friday I can legal drink and become an "adult" which I guess means more of this fun thing called bill paying and being responsible for myself. It's hitting me the way turning 10 hit me when one day my uncle told me that I would never again be an age in the single digits. That feeling of leaving 9 behind for a lifetime of double digits is like leaving behind illegal underage life for an entire lifetime of everything. Nothing is really off limits to me anymore.
I suppose if nothing else I feel as though I should completely take advantage of this fleeting time I have with being 20 until I have to morph into this entire different creature that 21 seems to bring with it.

Puppy Love

I miss my dogs when I am at school. They are such an integrated part of my household they are like family. Going back to school morphs me into one of those girls who "awwws!" and smiles when I see a dog on campus. I wish I could have my own, but at this point in time I don't have any time or energy that I would be able to dedicate to it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Honor of Rio

I found these pictures and I suppose they honor Rio de Jenairo's winning bid for the 2016 Olympic games. I can only hope I am there to see them and my Brasil family.


I am in no way a fashionista. I have neither the time, energy, or money to spend on cloths, as much as I may enjoy them. However I did get a little kick when I saw Chriastian Dior's Spring Collection, it just brought Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland to my mind with all the dress designs and colors. Maybe it just me but I'm definitely seeing the resemblances of doubles.


I love this beginning change in weather. I can go out to the edge of Athens, look over the hill, and see every changing tree for miles around. I love how the air is crisp in the morning and leaves crunch when I go out of my way to trod on them on my way home or to class. Autumn is upon us which means Athens is still bearable for the time being. I look forward to cider and pumpkins, boots and jackets, and the onset of Halloween right before it becomes so cold it hurts.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vegan Cupcakes take over the World

I love Saturdays, if for no other reason its the one day I actually feel free. Today I had my first experience with vegan cupcakes taking over the world. A book my friend Alison owns and loves.

We set about making pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, which we felt was very appropriate for the cool fall weather and arrival of October. The cupcakes we actually a lot easier to make then I had expected. There were no funky ingredients despite the fact that they were vegan.

The batter was a gorgeous orange from the pumpkin we put in.

I for one did not think pumpkin and chocolate chips sounded like an ideal pairing of foods. However once the cupcakes started baking the smell of pumpkin filled the apartment. And after taking a bite of one I completely understand how a little bit of chocolate and pumpkin go together.

We made the icing suggested in the book, and after a few modifications we had this oddly colored, lumpy gray icing. Aside from appearances it tasted fine...and all completely vegan.