Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vegan Cupcakes take over the World

I love Saturdays, if for no other reason its the one day I actually feel free. Today I had my first experience with vegan cupcakes taking over the world. A book my friend Alison owns and loves.

We set about making pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, which we felt was very appropriate for the cool fall weather and arrival of October. The cupcakes we actually a lot easier to make then I had expected. There were no funky ingredients despite the fact that they were vegan.

The batter was a gorgeous orange from the pumpkin we put in.

I for one did not think pumpkin and chocolate chips sounded like an ideal pairing of foods. However once the cupcakes started baking the smell of pumpkin filled the apartment. And after taking a bite of one I completely understand how a little bit of chocolate and pumpkin go together.

We made the icing suggested in the book, and after a few modifications we had this oddly colored, lumpy gray icing. Aside from appearances it tasted fine...and all completely vegan.

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