Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Holiday Time

After a long day of shopping and a visit to one of the best food stores in Cincinnati, Jungle Jim's, Perry and I headed home with pizza supplies, almond peanut butter, a cart full of wine, and a bag of chestnuts. Our mission: roasting chestnuts over an open fire.
We started a big fire in the downstairs fireplace and got our chestnuts ready. To cook chestnuts you must first cut an X into them with a knife, we used a pocket knife. The chestnuts expand in heat, so it not cut first they will literally explode.
Next find a pan with a decently long handle that you can put in the fire. Place the chestnuts in the pan and cover, we covered them with aluminum foil since our pan didn't have a lid. Place on top of the fire. Make sure you check them and stir around every 5 minutes for so. We forgot this step and our chestnuts ended up black on the bottom.
After about 20 minutes the chestnuts will have expended and will be soft to eat. Remove from fire and let cool for a few minutes. Remove shell and sprinkle with salt and enjoy! Chestnuts are delicious when warm and taste a lot like starchy potatoes.

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