Monday, September 7, 2009

And All That Jazz

I think classiness is sexy. It’s a powerful aura of charm, wit, and respectability that is being slowly lost to the crowds of vulgar language and demeaned morals. The aristocracy and the bourgeoisie and proletariat are being washed out and replaced by liberals and conservatives. Nothing is as proper as it once was. The flow and charm and enigma of society have been debased to a crude and coarse manner of everyday being. I miss men who take pride in wearing a tie or a nice hat, tucking their shirts into their pants, women who change out of sweatpants and don’t utter “like” every sentence. It’s the lost charm of style and living with sips of brandy and pocket watches, a jaunty tip of the hat and a subtle glance. It is mysterious and it is sexy, it oozes sex. Its that intangible quality of taking pride in yourself. It’s an aura of bygone years drifting away on the powder and smoke of dress ties or hats and the whispers of pretty language. It is elegance in a degraded state, which is now itself in a state of degradation.

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