Monday, September 14, 2009

French Cinema

I have fallen in love with French film, and almost everything inspired by it. <3
In comparison with recent American films I have seen, Amelie and Paris, je t'aime provided an artistic relief through an almost storybook world which is vibrant and richly colored, surpassing most creative illustrations I have seen in the United States.
Everything is portrayed in a heightened sense where each screen shot is perfect enough to paint a portrait and the plot line is more engaging and entertaining than real life.

I plan on adding both movies to my small collection as soon as I get the money.
I discovered these films through the canceled TV show Pushing Daisies which is just as fantastic, and largely inspired by Amelie.
I highly suggest checking out all three.

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  1. I have seen Paris Je T'aime, and really liked it except for that rather odd scene with Elijah Wood and the vampires lol