Thursday, July 9, 2009


We went to the beach today under a sky and in a lagoon whose shades of blue must have encompassed every color in the world. We sat under the sun while the water sparkled, we didn’t have white sand or palm trees, but it was relaxing and spectacular. I always forget how water can calm a person and everyone seems to be taken aback by its beauty. I want to live by water, today affirmed it. As we took the water bus to the island we passed through most of Venice and I stood there looking out on the waves hitting the side of the boat, and the deep, deep lagoon water and I wondered why everyone does not need this aspect in their lives.

We forgot we were on a European beach until we noticed topless women walking around. It was an odd jolt into cultural lifestyles. After living in the United States for so long its like seeing a dragon walking down the street, you almost have to do a double take before your brain can catch up.

We sunbathed and swam for a few hours. Everyone, except me, is as red as a lobster and will probably be peeling within a few days. As much as I hated this place to begin with I am growing used to it. I know I could not live with the broken shower or bomb explosion of clothing that has occurred in our room for very long, but when I take my computer outside and listen to my music everything is perfect, it is peaceful and warm and I sit and realize that I am in Europe and I enjoy it.

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