Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleep...and the loss of

We had the cutest dinner in our apartment last night. Instead of shelling our a ton of Euro for a nice diner we went to the grocery store and bought pasta, sauce, and a bottle of wine for cheap. It wasn't until we got home that we realized we had a gas stove, which none of us have ever used. So we messed around with it and looked up gas stoves online and finally gace up. So we stuck the noodles and water in a pot and stuck it in the microwave in hopes on a decently cooked noodle. It wasn't until Laura came over did we realized Diana put it in a metal pot in the microwave and we could have caught the entire kitchen on fire. We did get everything done, and dinner was fantastic and so cute.

I guess it was silly to hope for an extremely light sleeper to get enough sleep on a trip like this. The probability for a full night sleep was low, and the outcome has been even less. I guess that's one of the trade offs for traveling around Europe, though I'm jealous of the girls who can sleep through the jackhammer off the back patio right now.

Last night we went out partying, it is the last time I am partying in Europe until the last night, which is Laura's birthday. I never ever want to drink and go out again. We went on a crawl around Rome with an unusually large number of people from O.U. who we bumped into unexpectedly while we were there. For a ridiculous price we got drinks, pizza, a t-shirt, and free admission into 3 bars. I have never met so many ass holes in my life, and hope to never again experience that. Laura walked home with me around 1 am because I quit the party early. I went back and was online for a while and then went straight to sleep.

I'm not sure how much later the other girls came in because I was sleeping, but it took Diana literally over an hour to get ready for bed. I am sharing a room with her, the two other girls were sleeping in the next room. Then I realize that Diana is sick from all the alcohol, so I can hear her dry heaving over the bed for a good portion of the night, and occasionally running to the bathroom to vomit. Once, I got up to use the bathroom and Diana came straight in and started spitting in the sink before I could leave or even get up, in one of these occurences she knocked a cabinet over and left my tooth brush laying on the bathroom floor.

Construction early this morning, with a literal jack hammer just a few feet from our door.
Fun times of sleep deprivation.

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  1. Ha- it's so funny that you take on the European way of eating dinner: we don't ever go out because it's too expensive. Lol. am glad you didn't burn the kitchen down- next time just ask me how to do it or something- I am online all the time. And, I am happy if I can help!

    Sorry about your nights with no sleep! I feel your pain, I really do!!

    Miss ya, girlie!