Saturday, July 4, 2009

What's the Catch?

Just some things I've noticed I like on this trip...

1- I like how rubbing your feet with lotion after a long day of walking makes you feel like your skin can breathe again
2- I like how a sunset or cityscape can leave people completely speechless
3- I like being taken for a local and then the face they make when they realize you have no idea what they are saying
4- I like how 5 girls can completely overtake a hostel/apartment room in a day and make it seem like you’ve always lived there
5- I like walking and seeing something completely new around every single corner.
6- I like feeling like I’m doing something with my life
7- I love the complete exhaustion after a long day of sight seeing and exploring
8- I love always having 50 dollar Euros from the bank and locals getting mad you don't have exact change.
9- I love that something will always be unexpected or go wrong, no matter what.

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