Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bumming as we go

Last day in Krakow with the whole group before we finally get to go off on our own and start our part of the trip. By this time I can't wait to get away from Greg and the immature gnomes I'm traveling with. Diana, Laura, and I meandered around Krakow for a while and went up to a big old castle in town. I got an amber ring from one of the little shops, Amber is really popular in Poland because it gets washed in from the Baltic sea. Every jewelry shop and tourist stand glistens with green, gold, and brown amber.

We decided to be rebels while shopping at the drug store and we bought purple hair dye and promptly went to the hostel and stunk up all the hallways with brain cell killing dyes.

We decided to get dinner at a bar that turned out to be closed which was a blessing because we discovered a vegetarian restaurant with the most amazing food I've ever had. I'd never heard or had any food in the states like I had there. There was something like a spinach burger and different potato salads and fruit.

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