Monday, July 13, 2009

Past 2 days

We had two travel days where nothing special happened in particular besides us making it from Venice to Milan by train, taking a taxi to our hotel in Milan, which was very nice, and then back to the train station the next day and taking our night train to Paris.

Our hotel in Milan was not near the city, but we did not arrive until dinner time, so we hunted down a McDonald's and ate and collapsed back in our room. We realized too late that the hotel windows were open and that there was our own little mosquito colony breeding right outside. So Abby and Diana ran around the room squashing the millions of mosquitoes with their shoes. It was ridiculously nice being in a place with air conditioning and a nice bathroom. After camping Jolly anything would have been a reprieve.

Breakfast the next morning was included and I had fantastic coffee before we packed back up and had the taxi pick us up at 11:30.

There was no place to store our luggage in the train station, so we camped out in the train station ALL day. We took turns watching luggage and walking around and getting food. After a few hours sitting in a train station gets boring. Our train didn't depart until 11:30, there were 6 of us stuck in a tiny compartment with beds. I felt like I was sleeping on uneven 2x4's but I was exhausted and passed out as soon as the lights went out, waiting to wake up in Paris.

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