Thursday, July 9, 2009

Venice is Like Gold

It was the kind of day that makes you feel like you can just maybe be young and beautiful forever. We relaxed and took a walk and swam all day, the weather was perfect and the Mediterranean sun was hot. I think it inspires a little hopeless romantic in everyone. Everyone’s tanned bodies under the Venetian sun, feeling beautiful and like you can live this way forever. Laying by the water in Europe without major concerns or problems, just living a little bit and letting go.

We traveled to Venice at night to see the city lights. I don’t think I have ever seen a place so beautiful that everyone is touched by it. We ate dinner at an old family owned restaurant and shared a bottle of Chardonnay with dinner as the sunset. By the time we finished our dinner and wine it was dark. The square was still crowded at 11 pm and there were orchestras set up every few feet playing Beethoven and Mozart and contemporary songs. The buildings were lit up dramatically and the lagoon looked black. Standing out by the gondolas Laura commented how she felt like she should be on the Titanic, everything was so picturesque and almost as soon as she finished her statement the violin behind us began to play My Heart Will Go On.

We had to catch the late bus back to Maghera and walk the quarter mile to camp but every second was worth it. In the room Diana spit her water out all over the floor like a fountain, not quite sure if she was laughing or coughing, but it was funny anyway.

We are spending our last day in Venice tomorrow. I want to study abroad here.

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