Monday, July 13, 2009

McDonald's campout

We woke up in Paris. Laura had to wake me up I was so asleep I didn't feel the train stop or hear the announcements. We took the metro to our stop where I realized that along the way I dropped my map with the directions on them, so we started to walk. We probably searched for 45 minutes, asking random coffee shops and passerby where our hotel was before we actually found it and realized that we were not allowed to check in until 2, even though it was still 10 in the morning.

So we ditched our luggage and explored Paris. We are in the heart of the city and there are more shopping places, food options, and theaters than I could ever count. We walked and walked and looked inside little shops where they were making and designing their own clothing in the back rooms. We ate lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant with fantastic food and browsed though little book stores. On one of the main streets I saw my first prostitute, which was followed by many others.

Paris is not disappointing at all. The streets and the buildings are beautiful and stereotypically what I would consider "French" which is exactly what I wanted. You can find crepes just about anywhere on the street. Our hotel is beautiful, its a three star with an actual bathtub, which is something we have not yet encountered on our travel. However it is still small and cramped for 5 people.

After taking a nap when we got there we headed off to the Eiffel tower, about a 3 mile hike from out Hotel. The scenery was beautiful and the Eiffel tower was fantastic even with an unattractive sky. They are preparing it for a massive firework show tomorrow which we want to see, so they wouldn't let people go up to the top.

We walked back, which was much worse than walking there. It took us a few hours for the entire trip. After collapsing we traipsed up to the McDonald's which is the only place we can get internet. I think were going to end up living here.

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