Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Workout

We walked around Florence today, experiencing the gorgeous architecture and extreme heat. Its not oppressive or stifling, but its an omnipresent heat that keeps you sweating and always constant of its presence. We saw the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, one of my favorite bridges in Florence. Along the way we stopped at an illegal sunglass stand and I looked at a pair of sunglasses. The man there really wanted me to buy them, but I told him I was just looking. So he started heckling me at the exact moment the police came around the street. He pulled us into an alley and said he wanted 20 Euro for them. I told him I was interested and the most I would pay was 5 Euro, by that time the cops were nearby and he took my offer. He came back a few minutes after the cops left and Diana got a pair too. That’s our first run in with illegal dealing… haha

After walking for so long in the heat we went back to the hostel to take a nap and then head over to see the David. But that never ended up happening. People slept too long and we missed our chance. We walked over later to see if we could see it from the window but it was no use. I’m glad I got to see it the last time I was in Florence.

We had a massive, but good and inexpensive dinner at the hostel restaurant and later on I got to go on a run with my new running shoes. (I bought the first pair of women’s running shoes I found this morning, I swear women in Europe don’t work out) and then jumped in the pool to cool off.

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