Saturday, June 27, 2009

Down the Tubes

We went partying and dancing last night- it is GLC, every night has to have a celebration, but we got almost everyone to come out with us, which is unusual

We left Warsaw at 9 am this morning; everyone carted their luggage into the hallway making us look as though we were traveling with the world in our bags.

We boarded the tour bus to take us to Krakow and began our drive through the country. I think its interesting to see the common places that locals see every single day, gives you a better impression of what the country actually is like, not how dressed up it can be for tourists. When I first arrived in Poland I was not impressed. It was nothing Germany was, it is a country in development trying to earn its place in today’s world. It continues to grow on me, we passed through so many small Polish villages on the way to Krakow, small and undeveloped villages. I think my overall impression is one of continued growth. The cities are rundown, pictures of models and celebrities are posted on large billboards, covering up the rundown establishment with facades of beauty and airbrushing. It’s the kind of place that no matter how clean it is and how established it may look on the outside when you go inside you don’t actually sit on the toilet seat. It’s a place where squatting is necessary, you can get close, but you just don’t want to touch it.

So after about 2 hours on the road we started to notice white smoke ballooning off the right side of the bus, which quantified with a coolant leak. So in between any Polish city the group of us sat by the side of the road until a public transportation bus picked us up about 45 minutes later- not soon enough to stop one of the guys from eating a centipede… But we made it to town where we got “lunch” which was not edible, and waited for the next bus to come and pick us up.

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