Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Moth Almost Came in my Mouth...

You know what is fantastic about foreign languages? You can't understand a SINGLE thing that's going on a round you. You can't order food, can't read signs, can't give the time of day. But then again, you also can't understand the creepy guy who comes up to hit on you, or what people yell out their car windows at you as they drive by. But last night Abby and I couldn't read the tram map and information.

We started off yesterday, my group and I, going to the cutest cafe for hot chocolate and pastries because the weather was ridiculously cold. I ended up getting a cup of what tasted to be just completely melted dark chocolate in a cup, I drank about 1/5 before feeling like I had just drank a cup of molten chocolate. We shopped and I bought a jacket, I found a lot more I want...maybe I will go back later...but I'm afraid to spend money.

Our presentations to Greg and colleagues went well considering we didn't practice, had no PowerPoint handout until about 10 minutes before the presentation, and didn't have a clue what we were saying. We only have a few adjustments to make and their criticism was not evil like I thought it would be.

I ate noodles in my room and watched a movie until Abby, Laura, and Diana came and rescued me and took me and Abby back to their dorm at about 11 pm. It wasn't until we were ready to leave at about 1:30 that we started having problems. Abby and I sped out to the tram stop, thinking the tram would be arriving at around 1:33, according to the map we had. It wasn't until 1:40 that we realized the tram went to our dorm, but was not stopping at our current location.

So we figured, lets call a cab. O wait a second, we don't have the taxi number...and we don't have a phone.
Ok, so lets go back to the dorm and see if someone can help us. O yea, the dorms are locked, someone would have to let us in...and we don't have a phone.

So we stood out there debating and dreading the only option we had left. Walking the 4 tram stops back to our dorm, at 2:00 am in the morning, in a foreign country where open containers and drunkenness are as common as walking your dog.
So we walked. We walked quickly, and talked pretty much the entire way back, throwing a little party every time we reached the next tram station.

It was cold and late and dark. But we made it after about 35 minutes. And then we passed out in bed.

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