Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy Leipzig

June 16

SOOOO rainy and cold today, I never thought to bring autumn clothes and an umbrella to Europe, I hope it clears up. I woke up early this morning and with nothing to do and no way to contact people I went on a walk. I woke up Abby to see what she was doing, but she went back to sleep.

It began to rain once I took the tram to meet Alison and Sam, my teammates at the other dorm, so I stood outside an apartment complex under a tree like a creeper trying to avoid getting drenched. When it got worse I moved to an alcove where I waited a while longer with my jeans, sweater, and hair completely drenched and ate a banana, random, I know. I looked like a crazy, drenched, banana-eating stalker.

We met our teammates to work on a paper and edit another one. I had my first wonderful soda since I’ve been here which was amazing. We attended a Fulbright speech and then went to dinner at an expensive Spanish restaurant. We puzzled over the menu for half an hour until the waitress came back and she took everyone’s order until she got to me and informed me in broken English that I had ordered a plate of pickles and that they had English menus if we wanted them. So amid our complete bewilderment as to why she didn’t give English speakers English menus to begin with we finally were able to order informed as to what we would be eating. Ice cream and the ever miraculous solving of the internet debacle followed and made it a good night.

I did ride back on the tram by myself at 1am because most team mates were too intoxicated to come with me and the guys were not decent enough to offer, so I got to see Germany’s scoundrel life first hand.

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