Friday, June 19, 2009


June 18, 2009

I wake up and I eat a little bun with a ton of Nutella on it and it makes it a perfect chocolaty morning. I found a little grocery store by my dorm with a bakery attacked to it. It’s a fantastic place; I can get cheap food and fantastic pastries in the morning. I wsa so starving this morning I got a massive pasty and sat on a bench outside and ate it. I got some weird looks, I’m not sure if Leipzig-ians do that.

We worked with our team most of the morning finishing up our paper and summaries and Power points where I was still hungry and got a sandwich. We got lunch at a little Thai place in the center of town when we were finished. Shopping followed, but I have yet to buy anything. I need to find a clothing store that’s not real expensive and doesn’t make me want to translate Euro to Dollars every time I look at a price.

It wasn’t until later I realized I had no plans for the night and (once again) no way of contacting people. Lucky for me Abby was in her room and so we got on the tram and decided to get off at random stops. She got Burger King, which had weird fries and sold doughnuts. We took the tram out of town, each stop seeming shadier than the last. A lot of little places were open that when we walked past we could see slot machines and bright neon lights inside.

When we got back she traded me a piece of pizza for my internet so that she could write to her parents and check Facebook. In my dorm I had the nicest letter on my door from my roommate. She lets me know when things are going on or when the water is being turned off and she wrote that she bought a big Swiss cake that was sitting on the table and that I was free to help myself to it. ☺ Which I did.

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