Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yay third wheel!
First free day we have had this entire trip. While the rest of the party went off to Berlin and Dresden, myself, Alison, and Roman headed off to the Leipzig Zoo. It was rather cold and rainy for a zoo trip, but we had been planning it for over a week and nothing was going to stop us.

We saw baby tigers and monkeys and all sorts of animals. The food there was some of the most fantastic I’ve had this whole trip, we got to pile as much food on a plate as we could fit. After about 4 hours of walking around we hit the tram back up and headed to Voelkenschlachtdenkmal (yes, I have no idea how to even think the word let alone pronounce it), a war memorial commemorating the defeat of Napoleon in 1813. Walking up to it was outstanding. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in Leipzig. It is so massive and beautiful it was completely awe-inspiring. It was in the middle of being cleaned though so parts of it were covered up.

Beer fest was happening about 20 feet from the monument so we headed over there after walking around. There were hundreds of people milling around and even more bratwurst and beer being served. We saw waffles with nutella for dessert and absinth being served. Polka music was everywhere and some women were dressed as nuns serving beer.

We left as soon as the rain started and got off the train and ran to a restaurant for some coffee.

Back at the dorm Diana told me to come to the “Distillery” with them, which I took to mean a place where they brew beer. We took the tram to somewhere in Leipzig and at one of the tram stations Diana unceremoniously threw her camera onto the concrete. We walked around city blocks in Leipzig for 45 minutes, asking random people for directions in English, German, and Polish. We finally discovered the "Distillery" was a random club with an 8 Euro fee out on the middle of nowhere. All in all Bailey made me pee outside in “nature” and it took almost 3 hours to walk to walk to the train station, determine where we were and get a bus home. I give up on going out in Leipzig. It’s too hard to get back home.

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