Friday, June 19, 2009

Sitting at a train station in Frankfurt waiting for our final departure at 6:22 pm to Leipzig every single one of us is feeling the dragging affects at over 36 hours of nonstop movement. I got up yesterday morning at 4:30 am to catch the plane out of Columbus to Boston. The a six hour layover for the plane to Dublin, 2 hour layover and a plane to Frankfurt, 8 hour layover and a train to Leipzig.
There is something about sleep deprivation that destroys you. I forgot how much I hate that nonstop rush from destination to destination until your dizzy, nauseous, and ready to fall asleep on the train station floor.
Nevertheless it’s the beginning. This is day one. Boston was so beautiful; we had lunch there yesterday and walked around the city center, just in time for the gay pride festival. We walked all the way down to the wharf and smelled the salt water and surf. Flying into Dublin we could not see a single skyscraper or mass urbanization. We didn’t have time to go out and explore the city but at 5am the speckled houses without lights on seemed much more tranquil than our noisy, turbulent ridden plane. We had lunch in Frankfurt today and are looking forward to moving along to the end of our road for a little while I sit here slightly unaware of what is going on around me and the weird looks we are receiving from our spontaneous camp out in the middle of the train station. Everyone is sprawled out on the tile floor asleep next to me.
My watch says its 3:00pm, my computer says its 9:00 am and my body knows it has been up and moving for over 36 hours with more traveling to go. I want a bed, and an Internet connection and some water.

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