Friday, June 19, 2009


June 15, 2009

So far it has been easier hacking into someone else’s wireless connection at the train station in Frankfurt than it has been getting internet connection at the University of Leipzig. I am so jet lagged, tired, and dehydrated that all I want is to write a few e-mails, check facebook, talk to my boyfriend and go to sleep. The only option available to me right now is to go to sleep.

We began to learn the tram system today though with my amazing sense of mis-direction I never have a clue as to where the fuck I am or am going. If I did not travel in groups with other people I would be a perpetually lost and riding trams back and forth across town. We met with our Leipzig teammates after finding the University this morning and had introductions. We discussed for about 10 minutes how Mac users could log onto the internet…its still not working for me and every single other Mac person is located in the other dorm 20 minutes away.

A tour was scheduled for us after our meeting and so a man dressed as Martin Luther in a graduation gown with cap and tassel led us around Leipzig for 90 minutes and gave us a tour. The locals gave us strange looks, though I can’t image they don’t see tour groups on a regular basis. Maybe the thought of a German reducing himself to dressing up for tours was a perplexing site to them… We had lunch at an out door restaurant, Germans seem to be much bigger smokers than Americans, and there was a constant smell of ashtray. Water is so expensive here and it is frowned upon if you order or drink tap water so I stole a plastic bottle and continue to refill it in the sink when people aren’t looking. All the Germans I have talked to seem to think this is gross and unnatural. However they are the ones charging 2 Euro per tiny bottle of water so in my own very private little way I am getting back at the system.

I think my teammates derive much more pleasure from being able to legally drink than I do. So far being of age and having no open container law has been utilized to the highest degree. There was an opening cookout today for dinner where free beer was provided along with some fantastic German food. On the way home we stopped at an Aldi for some cheap food for breakfasts and lunches so that we don’t spend as much money on food, which is very expensive here as well.

Besides being jet lagged, I have eaten a ton of Nutella and am staying in to sleep while many teammates are going out to drink and party. Its been a good few days. Hope for internet tomorrow.

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