Friday, June 19, 2009

Hells Bells

June 17, 2009

Bombshell of a day. Not quite sure why I’m writing about it because I don’t really want to remember it. I was supposed to meet Laura and Diana at the library at 1 and walk around and get lunch with them, later I found out their team suddenly rescheduled their meeting to earlier and they had no way of contacting me. So I took the train to the library and putzed around outside watching Germans and having Germans watching me. I stood there for about half an hour then walked around the little block by the library past the coffee shops and bakeries and then came back. At about 1:45 I figured they weren’t coming so I walked to the city center and explored the main town and took pictures because my team was supposed to meet at 3 and I didn’t have enough time to go back to the dorm.

I took the tram to the train station and arrived at about 2:50. I waited outside till almost 3:10 wondering why no one was there when there are 7 people on my team. I began to think I had the wrong place, maybe I got off at the wrong stop, maybe I read the message wrong. So I stood there another 20 minutes with all the lovely Leipzig smokers, then I went inside. I walked around the train station, grabbed a wrap and a yogurt and went back outside. No sign of anyone. So I once again hopped on the tram and rode the half hour ride back to my room feeling like I completely failed. I talked to Perry and ate my lunch/dinner and waited for my 7pm meeting, which I vowed not to miss.

Quarter after 6 I got on the tram (we ride trams a lot here) and went to the humanities building. I wondered around looking for Lecture Room 6 for about 10 minutes before I began to panic thinking I’d miss something important again. I found some English speaking German girls who told me the new lecture hall was around the corner, that this was the old hall. So I sprinted out the front door, since I had about 5 minutes to the meeting, and finally saw a few teammates outside and went with them to the lecture.

Then Doomsday.

Greg called us back in after the lecture had finished. Chewed us out for about 40 minutes and was as ridiculous and unprofessional as I have ever seen him. Everyone fought. I cried. Walking out of the meeting later on, the small group of us got attacked by another GLC professor who came after us down the street yelling insults at us.
I have never been more revolted or mortified for another person in my life. I could have yelled at her and told her exactly what I thought and how ludicrous she was acting, they all were acting, but I walked away.

We went down into an old bar/club/restaurant built on the old city foundations and had a good time for the rest of the night.

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