Monday, June 29, 2009


I went to Auschwitz today with a group of fantastic people that I enjoy being with. I can't say it was nice or a good time because its Auschwitz, but it was a place I think every person should go. It was oddly serene and quiet, it seemed far far away form the Holocaust and all the awful things that happened there. I think the overgrown grass and dilapidation takes away from its extreme history as many of the original features as could be saved were salvaged. Our guide pointed out the carts used by the Nazis and all the bed frames and wooden fixtures were original. We got to see Auschwitz, and then its extension, 10x's the size of the first one, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

I got up early because people had come home late that night and so Greg and Pang stormed around the Hostel to get back at them. So I went out to get some water and breakfast. When I came back the group of us was awake and leaving to find a tour. We got lunch at an outside grill and I finally got a fantastic salad. I think people in Europe don't exercise and don't eat salad. We took the tour, and with the ride there, the tour and the ride back it took almost 6 hours, so it was a long day. We had dinner at another restaurant where they had pierogy with spinach, it was so good. I got to talk to people I hadn't had a good conversation with before and found out how much I like some of the people I am traveling with.

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  1. I am glad you get to bond with people that you didn't connect with before. You are right: Europeans don't exercise AS MUCH as Americans do, but they also love to eat salad. ;)
    I can only imagine how Auschwitz was. I really want to go there some day, especially since it's a very infamous place. Anyway, enjoy your tip around good old Europe and keep us posted- literally. :)