Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summit Day

Today was the big Summit day with the representatives at his beautiful villa where we had specific instructions to get there early, be professional...
I got on the wrong tram.

I ran across train tracks, roads, and a huge public square while trying to keep my skirt down and my underwear up all in the rain. BUT I made it to the presentation on time, and other people made the same mistake as I did, so I didn’t look to ridiculous.

We proceeded to the beautiful villa by the library where the presentation took place; we had three American diplomats we were presenting to on issues in environment, finance, and economics. Each group had ten minutes to present but it did not take long for everyone to get through. I was so nervous when we went up for our turn. Stefan and I sat in front, across from the diplomats and presented our topic. We took turns talking, I’m not a good public speaker, but I got out what I needed to say. I don’t remember saying any “ums” or “likes” but then again I don’t remember a single word that came out of my mouth.

We got lunch at a coffee shop and discussed the feedback we had and wrote down a few changes. Back at the villa we discussed with the diplomats the plans/changes and proposed new ideas. It was very interesting, I didn’t get to talk much but it was good practice. We had a reception after wards with finger foods and champagne. So many GLCers were outrageously intoxicated it made me sick. They could not control themselves and made a spectacle of themselves in the embassy. We tried to go buy train tickets to Poland with everyone and almost got security called on us.

Later on we went to a bar to celebrate our last night with our German teammates. I had to catch a Taxi back because there were no trains or buses running.

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  1. Jackie, you did a fantastic job presenting our ideas!!