Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bird Crash

Of all the places we visited Spain was the one of the places I wanted to visit least. For some reason I didn't find it intriguing, but then again I didn't know anything about it.
When we got to the airport our plane was delayed due to a "bird crash" yes, it really is what it sounds like. Once we got on the airplane the pilot apologized for the delay saying a bird hit the plane on the earlier flight and mandatory inspections had to be conducted before they would allow people on the fight again. Odd, I'd never head of that before.

The flight to Barcelona was very short but we found out our airport was not actually in Barcelona so we had to hop on a bus after our flight and drive for about 2 hours to arrive in Barcelona. Then we proceeded to drag our luggage through Barcelona looking for our hostel. After a little while, and some confusion we did find it. By that time it was getting late and all we had time to do was get showered and dressed and head out to find some dinner and see the night life.

I discovered in Spain they have things called "tapas" which would be like a small appetizer and people order many of them and make meals out of them. They also have Sangria which is a fantastic drink mixed with wine and probably my favorite drink out of the entire trip.

We walked down to the center of town and found a restaurant that looked good to us. I ordered an apple, potato, chicken "salad" and some pasta, and it was amazing food. I think everyone enjoyed what they got, which isn't always the case with odd restaurants. From there we walked the 5 miles to the train station which took forever because we wanted to buy our train ticket to Madrid so we didn't have to worry about it later. Once we got there we learned that they onle sell train tickets the day of and that we would have to come back later. So we walked home again and collapsed in our beds completely exhausted.

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