Saturday, August 1, 2009

Night Drama

I can boast a little and say I saved the day. I did. Seriously.
Diana and Tara promised us they printed off our tickets for the flight to Barcelona in the morning when they went out with Sam. Wrong. I have no idea what they printed off. But it was definitely not our tickets. And we realized this at 2 in the morning. Our taxi was coming at 5am.

Without our tickets printed off the airlines would charge us 40 Euro a piece to get on the plane, which in U.S. dollars is a lot. That, in addition to everyone else's massive suitcases which would be charged for being over weight.

So everyone sat there saying "We should do something" "We need to do something" "I wonder if the man downstairs would help us" "We should ask the reception desk" "We need to do something"
So I sat there mildly pissed for a few seconds listening to everyone else say that they should do something for a bout 20 minutes. Then I put on my flip flops and went downstairs figuring no one else was going to do a damn thing about it. The man behind the desk looked surprised to see me so late and I tried to explain to him our situation (he knew little English). Once I made clear that I desperately needed a printed he let us use anything we needed to print off our tickets, he was the nicest man and the hero of the hour, if not the entire trip. So I went back upstairs and got all the information I needed from everyone and came back down with Laura to type it all in and print it off. 20 Minutes later and we were all set again. We thanked the man and tried to let him now how much we appreciated what he did. No one else upstairs seemed to care that he didn't need to let us do that and that he had just saved us 40 Euro a piece.
But either way we went to sleep at around 3 am. Caught the taxi at 5am without any problems and made our way to the Paris airport for our flight to Barcelona.

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