Monday, August 3, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

For all those non-conservative, Catholic, or racist people out there in search of a good book let me enlighten you to a book I was recommended too and pursued out of the sheer boredom of summer: My Booky Wook by Russel Brand.

I sat in my bed and laughed out loud, literally. The crazed drama and mind set of Russel Brand's entire life is like a play on crack (partially because of his heavy drug use) but is enlightening as to his in depth knowledge of classic books, poems, and plays and to the intelligence he puts into his comedy and writing. It spans from childhood to present day illuminating all his crazy and somewhat perverse antics as well as the eye opening mentality behind it all. I am now completely hooked on the Forgetting Sarah Marshall comedian and promptly went to Youtube to watch some of his stand up.

One of my best friend's goals in life is to meet him in person, and I think I just jumped on that band wagon.

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