Monday, August 10, 2009

The Ligthening is Chasing us!

I think my poor little Camry shuddered a little bit when the lightening touched down. I don't really think I've ever heard it so loud. My brother and I were just traveling along when the thunderstorm popped out of nowhere! Just BAM! Like Emeril. I wonder if thunderstorms know the kind of commotion they cause, all the electric going out, moms yelling to turn off computers and get out of bath tubs, dogs going crazy (or maybe that's just our foster dog Jasper, though of course he goes crazy at things like popcorn and imaginary squirrels) The thunder rumbling shook the house for a good minute straight as old candles were brought out and lit in random locations as thought our house were being prepared for a voodoo ritual.
The hottest day of the year (yesterday) followed in my a cold front and thunderstorm. Seems appropriate to me for Cincinnati weather. Making a whole mess and bother out of everything and never being what the weatherman predicts. What a nuisance.

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