Monday, August 3, 2009


Even now, a few weeks later, looking back on Europe is like looking back on a hurricane. It's all a mess of debris memories and thoughts and people all jumbled together in my head like a smoothie. I know that I could not have done anything better with my summer.

Europe, to me, is splendor, its the longest walks I've ever been on and it is something the United Sates could never replicate. I love every country I visited and I wish I could think of some less corny way to wrap this up.

The rest of the summer will be taken over by the banal trivialities of every day life, the little things that make life life. Like seeing your friends and eating dinner with your family. Making bi-weekly trips up to OU to see my house and the person I miss most whenever he is gone. I'm not ready to go back to school yet. I need to get over the thunderstruck feeling of being time warped back into Cincinnati, Ohio from Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. I'll be content sitting at home reading books and re-adjusting myself to life not on the road and less adventurous.

For now my adventures will be the problems of my friends, the dogs fighting downstairs, and the preparation for college and another new life starting this fall quarter.

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