Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm almost disgusted at myself

I have a hankering that the arachnid family in my neighborhood has taken a fancy to me. I suddenly feel as though I am being stalked by their kind. I also felt kind of odd today when I was going around snapping their photographs as in What is wrong with me. I’m taking pictures of spiders…Oh that was a good one!

The one on the carpet I encountered after an unfortunate incident with ice cream and wine and is no longer here. However the other three have camped out quite close to my bedroom window for the time being. I’m intrigued by their stakeout and hope to see some poor bug snared in their web so I can watch them devour it. And then I think about how morbid I am for wanting that and then I feel like a bad vegetarian. But at least I haven’t gone so far as to name them, right?

There were more. I couldn't bring myself to upload them.

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